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Try something new this pumpkin- ahem- fall season!
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Be the cool MOM! Make these for the kiddos class party!
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Check out my new website/blog and tell me what you think!
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The truth about CHEAT DAYS - or at least my opinion. 
I get it- cheat days make the rest of the time feel bearable. It also keeps some people from attacking others! But here are my top 3 major problems with CHEAT DAYS: 

1: it’s called a cheat day! I believe words have power and if you feel like you are cheating most of us don’t have good feelings associated with cheating or being called a cheater. Call it a HIGH CALORIE DAY. 

2: it’s a free for ALL. If you work your heiney off (literally) all week putting the best of the best in your mouth to fuel your body why would you go back and out the toxins and chemicals in? Eat more clean ( or at least not processed) foods that won’t re-pollute your body that are usually higher that your daily intake- I.e steaks, REAL cheese, REAL ice cream etc. 

3:there are no limits. Coming from a binge eater- if you are a binge eater this should never be the case. In one sitting you can start the process of stretching your stomach (a muscle). Which leads to not feeling full after a meal, increasing your body’s signals to store! store! store!! and you re-trigger the happy juice (endorphins) that says “yeah that’s the stuff….) instead figure out your WEEKLY calorie intake and put aside a portion for your HIGH calorie day! 
EXAMPLE: if a person needs to eat 1800cals or less a day to lose weight they can eat 1600 for 6 days and take the extra 1200 and add it to 1800 for a 3000 high calorie day. In a week it’s like you ate 1800 every day. 

Btw- eating 3000 cals of GOOD CLEAN good is extremely challenging! :) it fills you up quicker because it actually has nutrients!
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Think before you eat…
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Stay the course!
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Rules of fit
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Believe in YOU!
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So what are you doing for you?
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